Century Eggs (2)


century eggs


high meat

hydrochloric acid




I'm finding like a mildew or a mold, and I don't think I've ever seen that before. Did I just miss seeing that?


They're getting a little older, they all do that. In China, if you go to China and buy the century eggs, they're either black molds- you have bacteria that breaks it down first, and then the mold eats the bacteria, keeps breaking it down into a finite powder.

So, whenever you buy those eggs, they either all black mold or all white mold, so that's normal. That means you've got an very advanced one.


So, they might be three or four, four weeks older than the other ones?


Or even longer.


But it's still okay to eat those eggs?


Absolutely. Just remember the mold breaks down eggs the same way the bacteria does. So, it just predigested for you, just like acidophilus, bulgaricus, all of those breakdown different elements within foods. So, they just predigest it for you. If you understand how your digestive tract works, it won't be so unusual for you, but we live on piss and shit, period. That's what you live on.

We eat food, the hydrochloric acid and other acids break up the large particles of food, bacteria go in and feed on them. Their excrement and secretions are our food. That is the law of nature, that is the law of the digestive tract. That's the way it works. If we had to rely only on our digestive acids, your brain and nervous system would never be fed, only your muscles and glands, and they wouldn't be fed a balanced whole diet either. Cuz you don't break all of your proteins down. You don't get all 22 amino acids without having bacteria predigest it, you get about 18 and that means 5 very important, essential amino acids. It's kind of redundant important, essential. I'm just trying to stress a point, 5 important amino acids, essential acids you will not have, and will not be fed and that'll affect your mind, your thinking and your behavior, energy level, everything. So, just remember that that bacteria has to predigest everything or it has to digest it. Your acids only fractionate the food into smaller cells, then the bacteria eats those cells.

Their excrement is our food.

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