Cellulite - Vegetable Oils and Hot Baths

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Cellulite  is usually- is always hardened fat that is full of toxic matter and it just keeps getting layers and layers of it thicker and it just turns into these balls, hardened balls.

Sometimes they'll never even show until you go on this diet and the body starts puttig in solvents in their to dissolve it and all of a sudden you;ve got cellulite.

It's been there, you just haven't seen it. 

And when the body start dissolving it, it's getting rid of it. 

And it takes sweling to do that, because the solvents come around it, surround it and dissolve it.

Hot baths help remove it, if you take an hour and a 1/2 bath. You know 'cause a lot of times, vegetable oils are involved, that fat and vegetable oils once theyve been in the body awhile they'll never turn fluid again at body temperature.

The body has to be 102 to 105 degrees to get it to melt. So if you take a long bath and take some kind of a formula like you kno, if anybody wants to write this down. Depends on the size of person, 1/8th - 1/4 - 1/3 of an ich circular size of green pineapple.and mix it with two to three ounces of coconut cream. 

And 3 tablespoons of butter and 1-3 tablespoons of cows cream

And a little bit off honey if you'd like.

And you drink that before or right when you get in the bath. 

And when you get out of the bath you take a 45 minute to an hour walk.

What the hot water will do, so you have to keep warming the tub every 20-30 minutes depending on what type of tub you have.

To keep the temperature between 102 and 105 degrees. 

So they will soften all that cellulite so it will get soft, then that formula will start working into the lymph system and keep it from going too hard again once your body cools.

So when you do the walk in the exercise, you should also be bundled to be very hot. 

So I wear wool underwear/silk underwear plus your clothes over that and you go out and do your walk.

You will perspire a lot of your poisons out, sweat it out.

So if you did that, lets say two days a week ,you would probably speed up the cellulite loss probably four years instead of 10 years. 

But on this diet once you get rid of cellulite you never get it again.


What about drinking water during this time cause your sweating?


Well, it's better to drink tomatoes and things that make solvents and won't disolve you.

Take a bunch of like a quart of tomatoes and blend that with 2 ounces of cream and that's a better way to give you fluids to handle that. 

Otherwise, if you had to drink water, if you did that, they took the bath and everything it would probably take you about two and a half quarts of water to regulate your fluid level. 





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