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You said the virus creates itself with the DNA? 


No, cells make the soaps, cells make virus. Virus are nothing other than soaps, solvents to dissolve certain kinds of tissue because your body can't use bacteria or parasites. 

When the cell makes the protein body that becomes the solvent, the virus. 

It puts a DNA in it so that the virus only addresses certain tissue.  

If your body made a virus that would dissolve every cell in your body, because every cell is toxic because you've been on a cooked diet all of your life, you would be a mess. You would die. So, when the body makes a virus, it puts a DNA in there to restrict that virus's activity to dissolve only particular cells. 

That's why when you get a virus like a flu, it's either intestinal or it's muscular or it's neurological, it's always a selective part of your body. 

[Attendee #2] 

So, you're saying the body actually makes the tapeworm? 


Well, the tapeworms exist intercellularly, the body doesn't have to make them. Every cell contains parasites and bacteria. Every cell has every kind of bacteria and every kind of parasite that exists for animal tissue.  


So, it's like a tool that the body has whenever it needs to use it? 



[Attendee #2] 

So, people who are eating cooked food, just wondering why they aren't sick 


Because they may be too toxic and if you're eating bad stuff like coffee and alcohol. What that does is it creates a condition in the blood that prevents you from doing anything other than controlling the contaminations in the blood, neurological system, lymph and intestines. Just from the contamination, which you're eating. 

So, a lot of people aren't able to detoxify normally. They'll go into their colds, they'll go into their flus, they'll have their aches and pains, and that's always a detoxification, whether it's thorough and correct and they can regenerate from it depends upon what they eat and on this diet, it's the only diet that will ensure that the detoxification you do is thorough and that it may not be all done at one time because of a particular area and that you will heal following the detoxification. 

Fever is always as an indication that the detoxification is completed. You could have had a detoxification existing for year and a half or two years in your body and all of a sudden, when the body says I got too much of the garbage accumulated, now it's time to dump. It goes into a flu or a cold and you start dumping all this mucus, that's the poisons leaving the body in the mucus or in the ear wax or in the tear ducts. 

Or though the tears or the mucus in the mouth or the salivary glands or perspiring, vaginal discharge, fecal discharge builds it into the hair and the nails, whatever the body can discharge it will.  

Well, let's say that you had a vaccine, and the thimerosal went into that shoulder, goes into a detoxification. You can better believe that you're going to suffer pain. Most people will suffer pain because it takes about 1000 white cells to harness one molecule of mercury to keep it from causing damage or 2000 fat cells. That's for one molecule of mercury. That's why when you have puss come out of a pimple, you have 3 or 4 molecules of a toxin and all the rest are white cells, 100,00s of white cells. 

And that's mainly what you're discharging is white cells in a very toxic environment.  


And does bacteria do the same? 


No, bacteria consumes the substance and reduces into a small amount of what it consumed, so it reduces the waste that you have to eliminate. But if you take, let's say a solvent, you're going to clean the floor, you diluted water and then when you finish, you've got this whole bucket of contaminated water. That's what happens in the body because the virus doesn't consume it and reduce it. The virus spreads it all around in a fluid. That's why viruses are nasty, but if we weren't so poisoned, we'd be able to use virus in parasites. [Think he meant bacteria and parasites] 

Thank God my body was able to handle a parasite the first time. When I saw that tapeworm come out, I thought wow! Finally, the poisons are out of my body, and I can actually breed some bacteria and parasites finally, and if I hadn't had that to help me do that detoxification, I probably would have created serious damage in my intestines. 

So, it was very helpful. Any more questions about that? 

[Attendee #3] 

You say the cells produce the virus, why do people say some virus are contagious? 


Is tide Soap contagious because it's found in every household? 

That's as simple as that. People make money by you going for medical treatment for a virus, it's just a soap that your body makes, and it can't be contagious if it's a soap. If it's manufactured in yourself. I mean if I inject it into you, your body might say, okay, I can use that virus and I will replicate it and manufacturer utilize that. 

What she's going through right now, she's not going to be contagious for us, the only things that are really contagious 





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