Celebrities and Doctors On Diet





She was responsible for cataloging all the chemicals of the brain and nervous system, Columbia university. So, she was a doctor, but not a MD, but probably there are about 40 MDs on this diet all over the world.


What are their names?


I can't give out that information.


I mean in case you wanna visit the doctor's.


I can't even do that. They will be ostracized.

A lot of your movie stars are the same way. They don't want anybody to know they're on the diet. The only two that I know were Mel Gibson and Christina. They were the only ones that advertise that they ate raw meat.


Are they still on it?

They both eat yeah. He got off and got drunk again, o now he's back on the raw meat again. That's the way until it gets busted. just say frequently. Am I thing before I, no, just go ahead. What about.

Well, the only time I seen parents take it to court when one of the parents took the other parent to court. That was the only time I've seen it in court.

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