Causes and Remedies For Eye Problems

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Eric, actually I had a real question and a quick novelty question that I think. 

The real one is what's your take on the causes and the remedies for the atheroma's that sometimes people develop under their eyes or in various places like that that. Fat deposits.


Just remember that poisons storing the fats. If your eyes, if your body is using your eyes as a detoxification center, the tear ducts. 

Fatty deposits will normally form. 

If they don't, you're in trouble. 

Because the eyes will be terribly affected if they are, and you can see people with very bulging eyes. 

And then all this sunken around them, they usually end up with a severe eye condition later in life, that's high pressure and like glaucoma, and cause a lot of problems, headaches continually throughout their life, irritability. 

But anywhere where you have fat collections. 

That is the body throwing poisons into those areas.

If it's around the eyes. 

Like Laurie, when I first met her she had huge bags under her eyes.

She also cancer in three parts of her body, she was ultra thin.

Over the years it's diminished. 

She doesn't have that bulging.

And her father had it too tremendously.

Now, usually the toxins that go secrete out the eyes. 

And the ears-





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