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Jimmy, you look so freaking different.  

Wow, you lost all that weight.  

Yeah, wow, like I didn't even recognize you. 


I have a question. 

Basically, what happened is.  



Exactly, there's a lot of people who have allergies. I remember Owanza, we went to New York to visit her relatives and they have six cats in the house. They were only allowed on the upper floor. They had three floors. It was a townhouse. We stayed on the first and second floors because her eyes were black within 2 hours of being there. These cats upstairs. It the dandruff, floats in the air, skin flakes. And because they feed cats canned foods, processed foods with heavy metal toxicity in it and nothing raw. These animals, they don't perspire. Except the eyes, nose, tongue and the rectum. Only way they can perspire, that's why they go *Imitates breathing* going like that. Because that's the only way they can get out those toxins. So, when the poisons are built into the skin, they are built into the skin. They don't perspire out of the system. So, those heavy metals and all the other poisons and everything else that is in the food gets built into the skin.  

People who have asthma and emphysema and just general sinus difficulties, mucous membrane problems.  

They're not forming a mucus which has good protein.  

When the body builds mucus, it has strands of proteins, linked. 

Can observe this with a woman's period.  

When they're fertile, you can take the mucus with discharges, and it will string. 

Sometimes this long and when they're not fertile it'll pop, very short strands.  

During fertilization to protect and hold the egg, the strands become very long.  

Protein fibers become very long and it's a mesh network.  

People who have alimentary canal problems, respiratory problems, do not build proper mucus.  

They do not build those fibers to block out the elements from entering to the mucous membrane.  

So, the users can hold it, pit it up or swallow it and pass it through.  

So, your body has not made it yet.  

Still not making it yet to isolate and control those from going into your system.  

It took Owanza seven years?  

I still don't like to be around cats not on a raw diet.  


If they were on a raw diet for a very long time? 


As long as they're very young.  

Yeah, you're still gonna suffer for a couple of years.  

You have to get them six weeks, 5 weeks old.  


Why's that?  


Because those toxins by nine months old, these toxins are built into the skin and at nine months old, that's almost a teenager.  

It's about it's nine years old, eight or nine years old.  


But if you don't have that problem when you put your cats on a raw food diet. 


They'll get better, and they'll stop emitting all those poisons out their dandruff because I don't care if you don't have an allergy.  

It's still affecting you. 

Cats are worse. 

[Attendee #2] 

It would take like 2 - 3 years? If I got a cat, it would take a few years for it to detox? 


About 2 years, 2.5 years. 

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