Carrot Juice and Coconut Cream For Eyes

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Question on the coconut cream with the carrot juice. Can you substitute coconut water with the coconut? 


Absolutely. See this tin lid? If I put coconut cream on this, in about an hour it will turn gray. It rips metals up that quickly. If I put coconut oil or olive oil or flax oil or any other pressed oil on here, it would take two to three days to the same thing. 

Coconut cream will get in and there and rip things apart very rapidly because there's lots of bacteria that does not translate and transfer into the oil. So, without those, it's not going to be a cleanser of that type.  


Now, obviously it has to be raw coconut cream, otherwise it's not gonna do it? 


Correct. Your bacteria and enzymes are destroyed.  


Does cream from an animal do the same thing?  


Cream from an animal, no. If I put cream on that it will take about two days to start turning, pulling out the metal. 

The carrot juice and coconut cream for the eyes should be done between 4:30PM - 6:30PM. Your eyes detoxify right before you go to sleep, somewhere between 9:00PM - 11:00PM. 





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