New carpets if you don't have cotton or wool carpets, you've got toxic plastic in your environments it's like wearing plastic clothes.  

Anything that isn't cotton, silk, or wool; you are going to breathe plastic particles, lint! 

You take a synthetic, whether it's some pine needles or whatever. You take the synthetic material, and you shake it in the light, you'll see all this plastic dust all over the place.  

The lint is plastic.  

Do you think that your lungs can break that plastic down?  

No way! 

So, your carpet. You see that the carpet in my house, the synthetic is covered with either wool or cotton carpet every year.  


So, you can't vacuum it out?  

You can't vacuum continually? 


You'd have to vacuum 24 hours a day, all day long.  


It's not a carpet, it's a synthetic rug. 


That is a plastic epoxy that gets into your lungs.  

It's part of the fiber.  

You cannot digest that.  

We knowingly breathe plastic?  


Is it okay if we use a natural organic wool? 


Well, if it's if it's from wool, period, if it's from an animal your body can break it down. 

It's used to disassembling animal cells, whether it's hair or what. Our bodies spent millions of years adapting to that, the plastic no.  




Yeah, but it will be a little bit more difficult because they use high heat to solidify it and the fats in vegetable oils harden in the human system. 

It's harder to breakdown, it isn't as bad as plastic, but it's not as good. 

Thank you. 

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