Carpal Tunnel From Laptop



carpal tunnel



Like in my laptop computer, when I first bought a laptop. 

I just got a new house in Venice and I was working away and all of a sudden, this terrible pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome all the way up to the elbow even higher. 

So, I'm saying yeah, am I getting bone cancer again? And I said wait a minute, it could be something environmental. 

So, I called in an environmental specialist.

He came in, said there's no radom, there's no nothing here, except your laptop computer is emitting about 75 gal. 


Is that more than a desktop?


No, desktop is worse. Tower is worse, you need to keep that three feet away.

He took the meter and went from the laptop and he said you need to get yourself a separate keyboard and here's how far you need to keep it. 

When the needle went down to .5 - 0 is where I keep the keyboard plugged into my laptop.

Next day after that, all the pain was gone completely. 

So, all this carpal tunnel syndrome is all bullshit 

It's not from ergonomics, it's from the electricity coming from these machines. People used to have these old fashioned typewriters, you had to pound!

Can you imagine how much energy went into it? No carpal tunnel!

Then electric typewriters came in.

It's in computers and everybody got these electrical fields. 

Putting them over their hands while they're working there also. 

[Attendee #2]

So, you can get a tower too?


The towers worse. You have to keep that three feet away. I only have to keep my keyboard 6 inches away from the bottom of my laptop

So, I'm like a foot and a half away from the processor. You know the drive that's in the computer. The laptop [*believe he meant tower] sends out 150 - 200 gals.

So, you have to be three feet away from it.

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