Carpal Tunnel EMFs From Computers

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Well, it depends on the individual.

Most of them that suffers will suffer like.

Who's that carpal tunnel syndrome?

Sore joints

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a ******** answer through all that soreness.

There were secretaries have been around hitting hard key punch.

You know typewriters for years and writers never getting carpal tunnel syndrome and let me tell you those old typewriters I used to write with one and it was a lot of work.

It's the electric, magnetic, magnetic fields in your computer. Your laptops and your electric typewriters. That's the problem. It's not the way you're holding your hand. To cop out. They don't want you to know the true reason 'cause they're so ******* cheap that they'll use instead of using transistors, they'll use capacitors, or it's the other way around. It will cost them $0.50 more. Then they'll eliminate the electromagnetic fields and cause a problem because they're cheaper. Want to save? You know $0.50? They'll you'll **** your health up.


OK. Well, can't they? Right raise the price to the $0.50.


They won't do it.


Can someone build their own computer and make it the way that that's better?


Well, yeah, but that's very expensive. That, or you do what I do, use a laptop. You put the laptop somebody you know further away from you and use a separate keyboard. Then you don't worry about it


How many feet away do you have to be?





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