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Well, carbohydrates burn fast, but they don't burn long and they don't give you stamina, and they also make you crazy. If you want to be like [unclear] and like the other ones that throw golf clubs and throw tennis rackets, and that's high carbohydrate fast burning fuel.

But if you want to be a good athlete, you just need to eat a lubrication formula with your meat so that your pyruvate is slowly portioned out and your burning fat, not high carbohydrate. So, there's not a lot of waste. You get 2.5 calories with fat, over 1 with carbohydrate and protein. So, that's why your wrestlers are all fat, that's why your weight lifters are all fat. Your bodybuilders are mainly muscle, and not fat, but they don't have stamina like an athlete.

So, more fat, but it needs to be on a balanced system. But if you're an athlete, you need to have a lubrication formula with your meat meal. Say, for instance, I had Lucky, he's not here today, but you know he's a skinny guy. Like James was a really skinny guy when he first came. These people came to me in their fifties, and I think lucky was 56.

And he'd been on the diet for years, and he said, "Hey, can I bodybuild on this diet"? And he always wanted to be built really well, but he was really skinny, 6' 1", and never able to do it. And I said, "Yeah, just eat a lubrication formula with your meat meal, eat a whole pound of meat at one time with a whole lubrication formula twice a day".

It's very good for lubricating the body and reversing delipidization, which is dryness in the system.

No, like I said in the recipe book, as long as the lemon is mixed seven minutes beforehand the lemon juice is utilized in the fat, not in the meat.

So, it has to be a balanced diet again, but it just may, may need to have more pineapple to get rid of the uric acid and lactic acid build up from exercise.

Lucky. He put on four inches in his arms in two and a half months, six inches on his chest, and at Golds gym, they accused him of using steroids. He says, "I'm telling you, it's the raw butter, the raw eggs and the raw meat". Sure, sure.

He couldn't believe it because he'd been skinny all his life, and in 2.5 months he filled up.

Bananas are a little difficult on the liver, and they have a tendency to cause constipation. So, they're a little bit more difficult, when they're green, they're better.

Apes, and monkeys, except for the killer monkeys, eat bananas with the peel, they eat the peel and all green, it's alomy, oh my God, I can't even get enough saliva to swallow it that way.

But that's the way the apes and the monkeys that aren't killer monkeys eat them. So, the killer monkeys go on these killing sprees after eating 24 hours of overripe fermented fruit. Ripe bananas and figs., and then they go on a killing spree wow.

All that high sugar rips all the fat out of their nervous system.

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