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Well, you look on the back of The Recipe for Living Without Disease, the bottom blurb is from a 57-year neuroscientist, Dr. Elnora van Winkle. I gave her the names of 300 of my cancer patients, their addresses and telephone numbers. She spent a year calling, and interviewing all of them. 

And that little blurb says that the statistics on cancer reversal by Aajonus method is scientifically accurate, and it's 95% of the people who go on this diet with cancer reverse it and live beyond seven years.  

I've lived 38 years. I have many patients who are 27, 16 years beyond. So, that's it, 95%. 

Lung and esophageal cancer are another subject. It's only about 60% survive on this diet, because the lungs fill up, and most of those people cannot stay away from the doctors. So, they'll, they'll go get aspirated, they'll have the liquid removed.  

Every time they go for aspiration, the doctor automatically gives them antibiotics. Their digestion is destroyed for at least 25, 27 days, they're going downhill in that time. So, the reversal rate for lung cancer is only 60%, which is poor. Better than the medical profession, which is 5%, but still, it's not the greatest.  

Esophageal cancer cuts off swallowing and breathing. Not much you can do there. 

If somebody comes to me to the point where it's already grown, so not much I can do to help somebody. You can't swallow, you can't eat.  

Well, I have one patient who lived for 3 years through a tube, and now he's outta the hospital and functioning and eating fine, but he lived for three years out of a tube.  

But his son was going four times a day, injecting the good food into him. That was the whole kid's life, his life was injecting the food in his father and work. And that was his whole life. His family relationship broke up, lost his kids, lost his wife and everything to keep his father alive. You know, I'm not sure that was worth it. 

He doesn't live with his fucking father, his children, he doesn't raise his father. You know, his whole family may have been more important than his father living. 





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