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Laurie came to me about three years ago. She was a neighbor and she'd been chronic fatigued for almost eight years and she'd been to the doctors, she'd been to herbalists. She'd been to everybody and nobody could figure it out. So, I looked at her eyes and I said, you have what looks like a growth in your kidney attached to your adrenal gland and I didn't tell her about the one in the breast and the one in the hip joint. So, she had a sonogram, which showed the growth and she never addressed her cancer up until a few months ago. She just didn't care, she does her own thing. She didn't come to me for any more advice. She just went with her own instincts on the raw diet?

I'm used to going after the problem, do this, this will address that. Okay. But most people who have cancer are out to get rid of it instantly, they want to work on that and I can direct the diet toward that. She just didn't do it, only in the last four months had she been directing her diet toward getting rid of the cancer, but she's don beautifully.

Even not addressing the cancer, it's like she was cleaning out the rest of her body, but her eyes were dark brown. If you'll look at them closely, they're mostly green now. I've never seen any guys go that quickly from dark brown to a Hazel in a matter of about two years. Mine were Hazel and brown.


Two years or four months?


Mine took 22 years.


No, I mean Laurie, you said four months or two years?


No. It took two years for her eyes to get from dark brown to green, two years and a couple of months.


And there's still a little brown. I mean, there's still brown in there, but it's more green now.


Well, she has more of an orange circle around the pupil.

It's not dark brown anymore. It used to be dark brown. It's mainly orange right now, which is indicative of cancer. Anyone who has a complete orange circle around the pupil is already starting to develop cancer, whether they have tumors...

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