Cancer Diagnoses In The Past - Blood Works Are Bullshit

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Well, basically one of the things that I'm kind of interested in nowis prostate cancer is a disease that's widespread. A lot of people are getting diagnosed with it.


Diagnosed, but not true. PSA has nothing to do with prostate.


Well, I'll say you have a biopsy and it shows that there's a sort of cancer cells and blah, blah.


Let me straighten that out. 60 years ago, do you know what the analysis for treatable cancer was? 500 cancer cells per million. Do you know what it is now? 50 cancer per cells per million.

Why did they do that? More money When they analyze somebody for cancer- everybody's got cancer cells in their body. What ratio is treatable? What ratio is causing a difficulty or a problem? None.


Well, that's interesting, but that wasn't the question, but the issue that's interesting to me is that there are approaches that are like this.

There is a number of like legume based diets and all kinds of diets and medical diet... But it's weird cause it.


You have to understand all the false statistics out there. About 80% of all the cancers that are diagnosed as treatable and a problem are not.

85% of the diabetics that come to me that are taking insulin are not even diabetic. You have to understand that a blood test is a snapshot. If I take a olaroid of you, that's like me judging your entire life from a Polaroid, the most absurd thing in the world. Everybody is different. Chemistry is gonna be different every 20 minutes, 20 - 30 minutes.

So, if I really wanna understand maybe how your body is working, not how it may change, but how it changes on a daily basis. I'd have to do your blood work every 30 minutes every day for about a year and a half before I'd have an idea of how your body works and in what pattern.

Even seasonal, it's different.

So, when a doctor takes a test and shows you from either one or two tests because you've had a glucose issue and they're feeding you corn syrup, garbage for this test. Of course you're going to be way off imbalance. You're gonna have very high sugar levels and they tell you you're diabetic, there's no cure for it and take this insulin.





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