Can't Eat Red Meat - Over Acidic

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A month ago, I couldn't look at beef.  

I've been on the diet for nine months and all of a sudden beef looked like yuck. I can't eat it. Why is that?  


She asked, she'd been on the diet about nine months and all of a sudden, she could not can't stand red meat, but she asked why. Usually, it's because the blood's getting too acidic when you eat the red meat, so you need to start eating it with white meat. So, white meat with the red meat will change that. 


At the same time? 


At the same time, especially seafood, fish will allow it to alter your desire quicker than eating chicken or any other kind of fowl. 

[Attendee #2] 

Isn't it also sometimes people not drinking enough green juice to balance out the, alkalinity? 


Yeah, are you drinking your green juice?  


I'm not every single day, but about 5 days a week.  


That should be fine. It's usually just the acidity of the red meat. Sometimes what will happen is when you have a lot of red meat, the body will start detoxing the liver. 

When that happens, the blood gets overly acidic and it will just keep doing it, and doing and doing it. For some reason, even though liver is very concentrated in protein, it doesn't happen with liver. If it's happening, you need some seafood. It could be oysters. It can be... 





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