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Can teeth regenerate the way bone can?  


She asked, can teeth regenerate the way bone can? No. Not in my experience. I've only found it happen with two people that were under 25. One had a huge cavity and they didn't have it filled, and within six months of starting to drink raw milk, it filled in. 

The whole tooth. The tubule filled in and then the dentine grew back. 

Now, I've had teeth where- it's only been in the last six years that I have fillings that the body starts growing back. The facials start growing the tubules. It'll grow, it'll take that composite filling and grow it out. So, it's got all these edges on it and I have to keep having it drilled down and filed down because the tubule is now growing, 60 years old. So, now it's finally come to that. I'm healthy enough.  


It can grow back if you are on the diet long enough.  


If you're on the diet long enough, it's probably very possible depending upon how severe the damage is that you sustained, and my teeth were a mess from chemo and radiation. I'm lucky I got the bone back around my teeth because after radiation therapy, I lost all the bone around my teeth. So, my teeth dangled in my gums like this. So, if I bit down on my own teeth, I lost about a half a cup of blood at a time. Couldn't stop the bleeding.  

So, what I did was I blended my donuts in RC Cola and then drank it with a thick straw. That's where I was then, I didn't know any better.  

But then when I started drinking raw milk, within a year and a half of drinking the raw milk on a daily basis about anywhere from a half a gallon to a gallon a day, my bone around my teeth all restored. 

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