Can Parasites Live In The Brain

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First of all, I say that there's no such thing as a pathogen when it comes to bacteria. Pathogen means disease causing, bacteria never causes disease, chemicals cause disease: the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, the industrial complex don't want you to know that everything they produce causes cancer and disease.

So, they call all the natural things as pathogenic, so that you are completely confused and stupid. So, bacteria that cleanup that are janitors are just janitors. They eat decaying dead or toxic tissue, depending upon how toxic they not may not be able to eat it, cuz it will just kill them.

So, then your body creates virus, which are not alive, they're just solvents to dissolve that matter they're so contaminated.


So, my question was concerning and I'll reword it; parasites for this matter. I understand that sometimes the parasites can escape the digestive tract and enter the blood. Now, is there a chance eating raw meat that, a particular parasite can enter the brain and actually thrive in your brain tissue?

I've talked to my dad's doctor who's seen cases of that happening, where he's seen parasites enter your brain, and I've actually seen TV show called "Monsters Inside Me".


Yeah. I've broken it up in a movie program and they're not the same cuts, they're not the same worms and they're not even coming out of the brain tissue and you can see the line where theY infused it in.

So, that was a false video created to scare people, it is not a true one. However, there are parasites in the brain, but again, parasites in brain tissue and I've eaten brain tissue that had parasites as an experiment from calves brain. And it doesn't pass through there. If they've had a vaccine, let's say they were given dewormers. Dewormers caused a lot dissolution of the spinal cord and the brain.

You have your own natural parasites in your brain tissue, when you die and decompose, all of a sudden you have all these worms. That's part of the decomposition process. If it's happening while you're alive, you've done something pretty toxic to damage your brain, but it's not gonna pass from one tissue to another.

You don't get an intestinal parasite that lives in the brain, your heartworm lives in the heart, intestinal worm lives in the intestine. It doesn't move out, unless that person is on their way out and dying.


So, you're saying there's no risk from eating raw meat and getting a parasite?


That's absolutely fiction. You haven't read both of my books.


I read both of your books.


Yeah? Okay. Then I must have it in one of my newsletters or something. What I discovered after 13 years of worrying about getting a parasite or a brain fluke to make me an idiot again, cuz I was autistic. After 13 years, I'd eaten all kinds of parasite infested tissue and never gotten a parasite.

So, I said, okay, let me go see who's backing this information that we'll get a parasite from eating raw meats. Not one university had ever done any laboratory experiment, I have. Not one of those animals, even though they were sickly animals that I fed parasite infested tissue to and I was one of the ones that ate them.

I never got a parasite, they never got a parasite. So, as far as I'm concerned, it's all fiction.


A doctor who I talked to that said, he's dealt with patients who have gotten tumors as a result of a parasite or something like that.


That's their theory. There's no laboratory experiment to prove that that happens, but there's a lot of laboratory animals that get cancer because they're not eating naturally, they're not in a natural environment. They're injecting them and feeding them stuff with chemicals in it,


In the book you mentioned a person named Bruno.


Bruno Corigliano.


You said he taught you for three and a half years about-


He tutored me


this diet.


Not this diet.

Just tutored me on nutrition. He was about a 70% - 75% raw person. And he's dead now. He went and got a hepatitis B vaccine, got aids because of it and went the regular medical route, and they killed him.





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