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Bacteria could be harmful if you're not eating properly. I mean, if you don't have the, the nutrients to support yourself?


Okay. Let's say you eat a food that has been cooked and it's been sitting out and you got lots of bacteria that's fed on it. The, the verotoxins that are their experiment, you have to deal with and if they're highly toxic and they're concentrated in heavy metals, it's going to be a poison. You're going to have diarrhea and vomit. It's your body getting rid of it, t's not about, I'm gonna show I'm so tough, I'm gonna hold in this garbage. No, the body's saying I don't want it. This is going to harm me, so I'm going to have vomit and diarrhea and get rid of it. The body's not saying, I'm going to eat this because I'm real tough. No, you are doing it. You're eating it because you've been programmed to eat that garbage, eat cooked food, but it's cooked foods that's aged and old, and as the bacteria gets into it and feeds on it and mutates and puts off highly toxic verotoxins.

The verotoxins become highly charged, highly caustic. You got a problem, but it'll usually be just diarrhea and vomit, unless the medical profession gets hold of you. Makes you take steroids and antibiotics and all stuff like this, then you damage your intestines more and then it becomes a process of trying to get rid of more poisons and it'll be an endless process.

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