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How's caffeine come into the picture?


It's a nerve irritant. It's a way to get bad energy if you don't have energy any other way, but if you're eating enough proper fats, you're gonna have the energy.


I know I stopped having caffeine headaches since I've been having a cranial sacral.

I'm not like completely hooked on caffeine.


Well, I suggest a vegetable juice to help get the body going in the morning, full of enzymes and vitamins. Rather than have coffee or tea with caffeine in it.

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Doesn't it jack your adrenals up? I heard blood pressure and heart rate.


Well, it attacks the nerves everywhere.

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And I heard blood pressure and heart rate go up with only like 35 milligrams. It takes it up 10 points.


Yeah, I can, depends upon the person. If they're thin, it's going to raise a lot of things. If they're fat, it's not gonna do that much damage.

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So, when you say near nerve irritant, it's raising metabolism?


Well, the body tries to get rid of any toxins. When the body tries to get rid of toxins, it usually creates fatty substances, which are usually hormones. So, body will use a lot of adrenaline, adrenal glands. Adrenaline, like other hormones are 60% - 80% fat.

Fat, the body uses the harness with toxins, so the body will use whatever it can to defend itself from industrial onslaught. So, hormones is a way to do it. Adrenaline is a quick one to make, one of the quickest. Thyroid and adrenal, thyroxin and adrenal.

So, it will overwork and excite the adrenals if you keep eating coffee, cuz the body will keep pumping out the hormones to try to neutralize the caffeine. That irritates the nerves and damages nerves. And that way it can exhaust your thyroid gland, it can exhaust your adrenal glands, can do a lot of damage.

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