The raw cacao made me really crazy cause I'm really sensitive to caffeine and that other chemical that's in chocolate. 




Yeah, I'm really, really sensitive.  


One time when David Wolf came out of it, I thought I know better to do this, but I did it anyway because I wanted to experiment. 

I did not sleep for 48 hours, I wanted to fuck everything sight, and I wanted to run a marathon. It was terrible. 


And when David Wolf went to Pangea in Hawaii, he convinced everybody to go on the chocolate and now they've all become chocoholics.  

[Attendee #2] 

I called them three days after David was there and everything was just falling apart. 


Wait a minute, I just wanna say something. I watched a man's emotional state, the man who runs the Pangea, Denise, changed so dramatically that when I had just been there three months earlier, and then I talked to him, he was literally had become a literal devotee of David Wolf to the point of arguing with me, and he was never like that before. And it was the chocolate that was doing it, he didn't even realize it. 


And they have a book out. I tried it myself. I mean, I shopped there before when I was a fruitarian, I took just a couple, and I felt really great cause like a high. 

But it doesn't last, unfortunately. You can live that way forever, be perfect, but you come right down.  


Headaches. I was not a nice kid. Can I just have that too? Yeah. And I made a chocolate with it. I put it with honey and lots of butter cause I knew what it would do to me if I had it by itself. 

So, I flowered it, made a, a chocolate out of it with lots of butter, and some honey, even cream. So, I had it buffered. 

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