Cabbage Juice For Blood Clots and Vegetarian Stopped Diet, Died


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[Aajonus] The minerals in the other juices have a tendency to bind with the vitamin K and vitamin U which help blood clot. It work so well let me give you an example there's a Swedish, sorry Swiss movie star, uh who had been a longtime vegetarian like 24 to 26 years. She got urine cancer. Andthey could- it started bleeding and all the doctors- I mean this is a wealthy movie star.

Nobody could stop the bleeding, so they sent her to America to UCLA and USC medical centers to talk with their specialists to get the- you know- to stop the bleeding. Because she was having to get up to 2 transfusions a week, occasionally 3 transfusions a week, that's a lot of blood loss.

Uh so, she was an in Erewhon health food store one day and she saw one of my clients getting all this dairy and butter and everything and he looks so healthy she asked what he was doing. So he told her about the dietand to give me a call. She called me ands he just said you know I heard about your diet and I wonder if you can help me but I'm going to stay vegetarian. I said well, then I can't help you.

And she said well this is my problem I not only have cancer, I'm bleeding. And I'm having to get quite a few transfusionsa week. They colorized it. Grafted skin, they've done everything. And it won't stay sealed, keeps bleeding. I said well that's pretty easy all you have to do is drink a cup of cabbage juice, 8 ounces of cabbages morning and night and probably within 24 hours it will stop.

She said you are one crazy man! Pop! Hung up the phone. I got a call the next morning she obviously went right out, got the cabbage juice. The next morning she called me about 1:00 in the afternoon she called me at 8:00 clock in the morning to tell me the bleeding stopped the first time in a year and a half.

So course you know she got on the diet and did everything, ate the raw meat. Everything was going wonderfully, then she got an attack of- really the story should end there because I'm telling you how it works, but she got into feeling guilty about eating meat again, so she stopped eating meat and within 4 months she was dead from cancer and bleeding.

[Attendee] She stopped going the diet?

[Kathy] What show?

[Aajonus] I don't know.

[Attendee] In your experience, is there people that are too far gone to be helped by following the diet?

[Aajonus] There are lots of people that I thought were too far gone and they reversed. There were a few people, probably 3 people, that I was sure would never die but did.

[Attendee] That you were sure would never die?

[Aajonus] Yes, would not diet, but that was only 3 people. And I've seen probably 40 people that I thought would never make it, but they did.

[Kathy] Did they follow it?

[Aajonus] No they followed it, but you know I didn't think they were that far gone, but they died anyway.

[Kathy] Is it because they didn't take high meat or?

[Aajonus] I don't know what it was, maybe they're just willed to die. Th

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