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Cesarean sections are awful like I said in my first book, women who have C-sections will take minimum of eight years to revitalize this area to get normal circulation. You have to realize when they go in and cut, whether it's laterally or horizontally, they're cutting all of the circulation in.

Whether it's lymph, nerve, blood circulation, muscle. It's all cut. So, you've broken all the natural flows, and connection to that part of the body. That's why when women have those, all of a sudden, they got these ripples in this skin that is not fed properly, and it's pretty weak, and damaged tissue, so they're not a good thing at all.


Why do they do them so frequently or what leads to the problem?


Most doctors don't want to wait around in the hospital.

Their time is too valuable. It's more valuable than your wife's stomach, and eight years she's going to take minimum if she's on a perfect diet to heal that area, but they don't want to wait two hours.

They don't want to wait 10 hours for your wife to have a baby. They'll just cut her.


Well, they'll use the excuse that there were complications. They need to do a C-section.


If you challenge him, say what were the complications? Prove it, they'll lose a lawsuit.

96% of the time they will lose because they're lying. If you've got a baby with a cord around his neck, he's got a good argument. The baby can be worked around, undone, but the mother could suffer a lot from that pain. She may be in contractions at the same time, and the C-section might be a good idea or she's losing blood pressure, and you're going to try to save her life by doing it.

But that's only, you know, 2 to 4% of all the C-sections. That means 96 to 98% of the C-sections are the doctor's time. He does not want to stay in there waiting for the woman to have a baby.

I know my first wife, she went into labor, and the baby was 22 inches long, eight and a half pounds. She's 5' 4, and you know, that baby split her all the way to the rectum and into the rectum an inch, and he was so big.

That's a different thing, but if she had been on a proper diet, and not been a donut, she'd have been able to withstand that.

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