Butter and Dates For Thyroid







hot water bottles







For thyroid eating cheese and dates together, I mean, butter and dates together are one of the best ways to stimulate the thyroid gland. Also, putting a hot water bottle at the side of your neck, or even two of them, and then taking a towel or silk shawl is a little bit more energetic and works a little better, and the only reason I believe in energies like that with different materials is because I've experimented with them. And I found that it is a fact, wool even works very well, but I found that silk works better. So, if you use like a silk shawl or scarf, and that covers the hot water bottle or the hot water bottles, intense the heat into the neck area. It keeps the heat where you want it, and it'll increase circulation to the thyroid gland or any area where you want to heal the body, cleanse and heal the body cuz you have a particular problem there. You put the hot water bottle there, add tent the heat into that area.

If you go to sleep with a hot water bottle under the covers, the whole bed's going to be heated. So, it doesn't really focus on one area. So, that's why you tent the heat into a particular area. And stay away from pine nuts, pine nuts reduce the production of thyroxin.

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