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You wanted me to do the sugar cube size of raw cheese with either butter or coconut cream.


Only if you were constipated.


Yeah, I need something, either butter or coconut cream. But what I found is, and it's been working out great. I've had three big detoxes, worked out very well cause of all the chemical solvents, but the raw butter, for some reason swells up my front gum line. I get an abscess.

When I eat the coconut cream with the cheese, I don't have an issue or problem. Why is that?


Butter has a particular molecular structure that helps get rid of Novocain and Xylocaine, any kind of injected dental, chemical anesthetic.


Should I be doing butter with the cheese versus coconut cream?


Well, I would a little of both, so you're not going to have such a heavy detox.

If you do the heavy detoxification, you'll even get numb sometimes.


I can literally feel the toxin collecting it. I mean, I can feel it.


It's all dental crap.


Yeah. I have a lot of dental.

[Attendee #2]

Is there a way to gently detox, I've just got tons of Novocain from dental work?


Oh, you're going to have a good time.

[Attendee #2]

What do you do?


You're gonna have good times. You're gonna have abscesses and boils and everything coming out, unless you have another way to do it.

Your body may invent some way.


So, using just coconut cream is not enough, I need for butter with it?


Yeah. I would alternate, one time with butter, one time with coconut cream.


Is one better than the other?


Doesn't matter. The fat with the cheese is just to keep you from getting constipated.

I said, if you use three tablespoons each of coconut cream, butter and dairy cream and a quarter teaspoon of honey mix those together in four ounce jelly jar, immerse it in a bowl of hot water until it gets a little above body temperature, like 101 degrees, and then shake it up again, put it in a bulb syringe, and then insert it in you before you go to sleep, hold it, maintain it, and that will lubricate the whole sigmoid colon where most of the dryness of occurs. Cause the body's soaking up all the E.coli digested matter at that point, mainly your B vitamins and your proteins and fats digested to the right molecular structure at that point where 94% of constipation happens there for that reason.

And if you put those fats in there, it will lubricate and sigmoid colon and go up and feed the rest of the E.coli and benefit them. So, then you won't even have to worry about eating the butter or the coconut cream with the cheese.





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