Butter With Cheese









You said when you eat cheese, eat butter with it because it's constipating.


Some people, yes.


Well, to me I found that no matter how much butter I eat with it, it's constipating, and I eat plenty of butter with it.


Well, if you're getting constipated that way, you just don't have enough fat in your bowel. Those E.coli are gonna hold it up. See, because cheese is already a moldy substance, at least our cheese that we get because it's grown in a cave, and that's the way you have a fungus that breaks down the cheese, it's like a yogurt. Only a fungus instead of a bacteria is breaking down your cheese so we digest it.

So, the fungus breaks it down so the E.coli can get even more nutrients from it. So, it's gonna hold it up there longer, it doesn't dry you out more if you're eating butter with it. However, your E.coli and your bowel are so hungry, then you need to feed it from the back end. And I told you this before, you have three tablespoons each of coconut cream, butter and dairy cream and shove it up in there. Leave it there.


But that drops out and it dropped out all over my car seat. I think I told you that. And you have to wear a diaper really.


No. You do it at night before you go to sleep. I've never had it come out on anybody but you, that's the wildest thing. Don't put so much in then, put half of that amount in. And did you also get on your left side and roll or did you get down and bark *barks* and then after you get it in, you go down like this and you roll your stomach, so it'll move down into your colon so it won't stay in the sigmoid area. And then you can lie like this, roll your stomach a little bit and get it to move up here and then you can roll like this. You go over here to move over more so you can feed the E.coli everywhere.

So, that's what you can do to prevent it from dumping because it sounds like yours is just staying in the sigmoid colon if it's doing that, you need to work it up higher.

[Attendee #2]

How long would you do that for on the ground?


Three minutes. Whole thing would take three minutes. If you really want to get all the good fat over the whole colon to make sure every bit of it gets, then I would do it for about 10 minutes. Probably three minutes like this, rolling the stomach, then left side for about three minutes of the left side for about three minutes.



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