Butter Is The Easiest Fat To Digest - Lacks Cholesterols In Cream






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I go over it in the book when I talk about the fats, but the butter is the easiest fat for the liver to digest and to assimilate. However, it makes like about somewhere around 46 cholesterols from butter.

That leaves out almost a third of the cholesterols that help the nervous system

Only cream, can the liver make the ones for the- unless you're eating fish, but of the fats, the cream and the butter. The liver can only make the cholesterols, which clean, soothe and heal the nervous system from the cream.

The butter is two-thirds more important than cream because it gets to the outer regions: the skin, the bones, the lymph and connective tissues and tendons.

Whereas the body, if you feed it only cream, those get very lax and very lazy. If you look at the Fallani tribe who lives like, 90% - 95% on raw milk only and don't make butter. They're a looser tissue and they have discolorations of the skin, Fulani tribes in Africa. So, they show signs that their skin does not get fed as easily.

And when I did laboratory tests with animals, feeding them only the raw cream...

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