Building Bacteria In The Intestines





high meat

fecal matter

[Aajonus] I'll start with Jim over here okay, question!

[Jim] Regarding building bacteria in the intestine. What is friendly for them and what cuts it out? I've taken high meat trying to establish bacteria. What is bad for it and what things are good for it?

[Aajonus] Well, uhh.. if you- if you wash the high down with milk, the lactic acid will destroy a lot of the bacteria. So that won't work also honey eaten with high meat will destroy it. So you need to wait about 15 minutes after you eat the high meat before you have anything else.

Except for water. Water doesn't seem to destroy the bacteria.

[Jim] Okay.

[Aajonus] You can rinse your mouth out with lemon or lime juice you want to get rid of the taste and the odor.

[Jim] Any other foods? Good for it or not good for it?

[Aajonus] Uhh.. well fecal matters always great, you know because fecal matter has the ecoli directly to get the balance going properly. If it's a small intestines, the high meats me a little bit better, if it's your bowels that's a problem then eating the ecoli, the fecal matter is better.

[Jim] All right :/

[Aajonus] Okay

[Attendee] What is the maximum amount if you want a combination of fecal matter and high meat for someone on the diet?

[Aajonus] If you want to build ecoli to make sure it gets all the way down to the bowels to make sure as much as possible gets down, it's good to eat a little high meat first. And then eat some fecal matter after that and what you could- I suggest- I've seen people eat a tremendous amount

like 4 ounces of I need with 2 ounces of fecal matter with the bowel, bowel tissue. And it's never caused a problem and when people have done that, they've only had to do it one time to completely relieve chronic constipation that has beem carried on all their lives.

And it's worked for up to 8 months at a time.

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