Brushing Teeth

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From the brain, it will cause the teeth to abraise, and you'll bruise the dentine more, and then you'll have teeth decay.

Again, decay doesn't come from bacteria, that bacteria results from the decaying of the gum cells from the dentine from the damage of the poisoned minerals, the free radicals that have damaged the live cell. Dentine is a live cell, bones a live cell If it's damaged by a free radical metal, like mercury or aluminum, that cell is damaged. Bacteria results to eat the decay.

Bacteria is not the problem. The bacteria is a result of the disease, of the damage. Just like you find a carcass out there, the vultures and crows come to eat up the decay. They didn't call us the decay, they're a response of the decay. That is very important to understand that we should not fear bacteria, parasites, and virus anymore.

We need to prevent ourselves from consuming, whether it's breathing or eating or drinking as many pollutants as possible refrain from eating pollutants. Refrain from breathing and drinking pollutants that causes degenerative tissue, that is disease. So, when you have those heavy metals coming into the sinuses, it takes, let's say you've got one molecule of mercury or one molecule of the aluminum, it takes 2000 fat-





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