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When you mentioned eating bread better in your book, was that before you kind of looked into the carbohydrates or is it okay to have some starch?  


Well, you know, when I read that research and then I started doing some experiments with it, it was always a trade off with a cooked starch. 

You know, it's poisonous, there are byproducts in it. We're not going to handle it properly. We'll have to use tremendous amounts of nutrients to discard all of the waste and toxins that are involved in it, but I couldn't find any other starch that chelated with neurological toxins.  

Anytime you have trauma or an upset in your life, there are hormones that are produced in the neurological system that are just like any other poison in the system, they will store and have to be detoxified. If you wanna know the particulars about that you can go on the internet and look for The Biology of Emotions by El Nora van Winkle.  

She was a biochemist that worked on neurological compounds for about 40 some years in New York city Medical University. 

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What was her name again? 


⁠Elnora van Winkle, Biology of Emotions. She has the complex medical paper, and then a layman's paper for the average person to understand so you can read both or.  

And she explains that when she was doing the tests and researching, she found neurological hormones that related to trauma, and they categorized them and differentiated them. 

And she found that people, when they go through an emotional upset that has no relationship to reality, that they're detoxing... 

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