Brain Is A Garbage Dump








Most of your metallic minerals to transport light and conduct electricity. So, almost all the toxic minerals go to the brain. We don't have big brains because we're smart. We have big brains because it's a garbage dump for heavy metals.

The brain started getting larger the more we started using metals in industry for the wheel, for jewelry, stuff like that. The brain got larger and larger. The brain remained small as long as we were hunter gatherers. And when we started smelting metals, we started entering a lot of toxicity into the system and the brain dumps out the sinuses in the mouth. Lots of mucus necessary to do that, to protect those mucus membranes.

So if you got those good, thick honkies, more protection.

You swallow, you're entering those toxins into your system. If you're a healthy individual and you just got some dust in there, you created a lot of mucus to wash the dust out, so it didn't get into the mucus membranes. Swallowing it would be healthy, but most of the poisons leaving our brain are from canned foods, air pollution from your car exhaust and diesel fuel and stuff like that. Not a good thing.

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