Brain Detoxes Cooked Food Out Teeth

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What about gums?


Gums? Well, the brain contains more metallic minerals than other part of the body, and if you eat a cooked food it fractionates all the molecules. Any mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum. All of those bonds are released. So, all of those metals are then free radicals, and they do damage. 90% of them go to the brain, and nervous system because the brain and nervous system, the neurons use metals to relay light information.

So, that's why most of the metals store in the brain, and nervous system. When the brain detoxifies it mainly detoxifies out the gums, and the tongue. Any ayurvedic doctor, anybody that tells you your tongue should be clear is not considering that the brain detoxes through the tongue. As long as you've been eating cooked foods, your tongue should always be coated.

It should always be releasing a lot of minerals. Your teeth should always be plaqued. Now I've been on a raw food diet, eating meat on a daily basis now for for 22 years, as of December. I still have plaque, but the only plaque I have is on these bottom front teeth. Usually have plaque everywhere, on all teeth, and it's gradually mitigates or minimizes over the past 22 years.

As long as I ate a lot of fruit, it caused more demineralization in my bones, and in my other tissues, so it was compounded. When I stopped eating fruit, but maybe once a day, once every other day, once every three days it lowers the amount of decalcification of the tissue, but the brain will still dump its metals through the gums.

So, all the plaque on there, it isn't the plaque causing the decay, but if you leave that plaque on there, and it has a brain tissue in it, brain tissue is very solvent reactive. It melts quickly, and that's what causes the dentine to deteriorate. It enters into the dentine, and causes cavities. So, you need to keep your teeth clean.

The best thing that I know that for cleaning teeth if you want to make them polished, then you use a little clay with coconut cream, especially fermented coconut cream, and then rinse your mouth with some carbonated water. And that'll whiten them. Can't consider mine, I have chemotherapy. Everybody who's done cocaine, a lot of cocaine, or get chemotherapies, either going to have gray or yellow teeth permanently for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes it takes a few years after they had chemotherapy or taking a lot of cocaine before the discoloration occurs, but it always occurs.





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