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She had a head injury, a year ago was it?




And her brain is hyperactive and she wanted to know how to calm it. And I suggested fish and cream together, not a lot of cream, but fish and cream together. Don't sit down and drink a half a cup with your fish, cuz it's gonna coat your fish and you won't digest it.

But you could use like three tablespoons with a fish meal and drinking like a tablespoon of cream about every two hours is going to help protect the brain. Remember cream protects the brain and nervous system butter does not.

I said every hour and a half.


About the corn on your feet. Now the book says-


I don't have any corn on my feet.


I mean, anybody that does use it's in the book. It says that you should use papaya.

Right now they have the orange papaya, which is with a lot of seeds and the black seeds, of course would take out the seeds. We're not gonna coat our foot with that. It says about once a week. Now, also I soak my feet in that soap. Do I need to keep doing that every week, putting it on the oil. It's olive oil and papaya.


Now, are you talking about a corn, are you talking about wart? What are you talking about?


The corn under your foot. And then I also was last week. I was not supposed to put my feet in soapy water, but cuz I had lime on it instead of putting coconut cream on it.


What's your question?


Well, I wanna know, do I put it on both feet, papaya and olive oil because olive oil will help.


Do you have a corn on both feet?


No, just this one.


Well, then why would you put it on both?

Remember I told you to do it for maybe four times.


Four times a day?


I said put what and clay?


Clay and papaya.


Okay. Clay and papaya. You coat the foot with it. That's right. You use the moisturizer.

You do that every day for four days.


I didn't hear four days. It wasn't on my tape.


That's when your tape ended and you turned it over. Probably pretty much absorbs into the skin, so you just take some time to get out.


So, I could start for four days again?


You could try it.





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