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So, I've altered my diet quite drastically, and I'm just curious as to-


Bone marrow and heart from any animal. Bone marrow and heart together, tat them together. Buffalo heart's probably one of the best hearts to get. Buffalo heart may be about this big and the animal's giant. I mean, it's in incredible, it's the smallest heart for a large animal and it's powers a buffalo.

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So, you put it in a smoothie or something and blend it?


No, I like the taste of the heart, so I just eat it.


Where do you get it?


Northstar bison. Rawsome carries it. Are you here locally?




Okay. Then go to Rawsome and get buffalo heart and they have the bone marrow right in the same two containers. So, you get the heart and the bone marrow together and eat once a day, eat about a half a cup of heart with one bone marrow from one bone.

Just do it every day, and it will clear up in about a year, year and a half.

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