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Bone marrow, best ways to eat it and all the benefits of bone marrow?


Okay. She has a question about bone marrow, how to eat it, what does it do? Bone marrow, besides sperm and ovum, is the only place where you can get nonspecific stem cells. Stem cells that can become any kind of cell in your body.

You have adult stem cells in everything else in all the meats that you get that are particular to that. Like you have stem cells in heart muscle, so if you eat heart, you'll get the stem cells that are particular for heart, and they'll help you generate your own heart muscles, liver, everything else.

But bone marrow has nonspecific. They are shape shifters. They can address and make any cell that's needed in the body, and it's good to eat it with meat to okay have an extra supply of protein there to be able to assimilate those stem cells and feed those stem cells so that they can reproduce and grow a little bit quicker.

Any kind of meat, chicken?


Doesn't matter. Any kind of meat, it could be fish, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter where the bone marrow comes from. It should be a healthy animal. It shouldn't be fed antibiotics or given injections.


It'll grow new bone in your body a lot quicker?


Yes. It will help bones grow quicker as well as anything else


Doesn't necessarily have to be totally organic?


Well, it doesn't have to be totally organic, but it should not have any hormones or antibiotics.

Well, what I do is I buy 5 of them a week and then I'll have 1 every day for 5 days with a meat meal.


Would you eat bone marrow with a specific meat like heart and liver? Does that produce more liver stem cells?


Yeah, if you eat it with liver, it'll stimulate more liver cells.

Did everybody get that? He asked if you eat the bone marrow with liver, does it help reproduce more liver cells? Yes, it does. Whatever adult stem cells you have, when you have the bone marrow with whatever meat that is, it's going to help that particular part of your body. So, if it's muscle you want you can put on more muscle and you don't necessarily necessarily have to work out if you've been on it as long as I have.

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