Bone Loss - Novocain








You're losing bone in your mandible, lower?




Like I told him, you eat cheese and honey, like I told the woman here, cheese and honey to increase the minerals in the body, drinking milk, sipping on milk all day long helps restore bone.


I've been doing that.


Okay, honey and cheese?




Good, and sip on milk. Remember, that when you got injections, Novocain. Nothing dissolves bone and hardens bone more than Novocain, also injections of mercury goes to the brain, dumps out the gums. That's what causes cavities, not bacteria.

The heavy metals sit on the dentine, damage the dentine. Then your bacteria forms to eat the damaged dentine. So, the bacteria is the janitor, not the cause of the problem.

So, if you have a lot of that coming down and getting stuck in the bone around deep, down in the tooth, instead of making its way out and causing plaque, then it's gonna damage and eat away at your bone.

So, you're gonna have to pack your mouth with, take some wet clay. Like kneading, when you knead clay for pottery, it's gotta be hard enough like that, and just line your gums with a string of it, rope of it up and lower and help that draw it out at night, so it doesn't keep removing the bone.

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