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Does everybody know what the bone growth hormone extender is?

Like I say in the book, it's to help heal and regenerate bones.

Pineapple helps, I don't know if you ever seen it under a microscope, bones have like a web system that grows out and then it fills in, and pineapple for some reason stimulates this. I had a cup of pineapple every day when I broke this leg cause I mean, I split that tibia in two, and it was separated in the back and they wanted to go and push it back together and pin it.

Plus the top of the tibia looks like this, and the top of the bottom of the femur sits on it like this. I broke off the top of the tibia and it jammed up in the femur. They said that there's no way that the body can dissolve that and get rid of it that they'd have to go in surgically, cut me from here to here, open up the leg and do all this surgery.

And I said, shit, if I do that, it's gonna take me 5, 7 years to heal just from your surgery. I can eat pineapple.

They thought this guy's crazy. I said, listen, if I can't walk in six weeks, I'll be back for your services. I was walking without crutches in six and a half weeks. So it works. So, pineapple, cheese and honey together, any of those things.

Cheese and honey together in the mouth helps digest all the minerals and the fat and the proteins in the cheese. Cheese when it's raw will not digest, the body will always use it in every lab test I've done with any kind of animal, giving them raw cheese. It passes out the feces with toxins attached to it, which is good. That's what we want.

If you're eating cooked cheese, pasteurized cheese. It's all fractionated anyway. So, it attaches to poisons and stays in your body, instead of coming out. Now to get the cheese to digest, I racked my brain and it was very easy. Honey's a digestive enzyme, mainly digested enzyme. Cause when the bee collects the nectar, the bee swallows the nectar, predigest it, creates insulin-like substances, which convert the sugars, the carbohydrates into enzyme structures to digest mainly protein and fats. So, when you're eating honey that's unheated above 93 degrees. That's not heated about 93 degrees, it has all of those insulin-like substances available for digesting whatever foods you're mixing with it. If you lack good digestive enzymes, bacteria, or the acids in your stomach, honey will help any kind of digestion.

I've tried the honey, eating it after the cheese, before the cheese and still it comes out in the feces. When you mix the cheese together in your mouth or mix it together, mash it together, or make it into a cheesecake fill where the honey is directly mixed into the cheese, it digests. So, that's where you get your mineral supplement. That's where you get your highest calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. All that to strengthen and take care of the bones.





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