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Now I'm gonna repeat that. Your body starts of protein after five hours, do not go five hours without eating something. Egg, milk; something with protein, meat. So, if you go to sleep and it takes you 15 minutes to go to sleep, you set your alarm for five hours and 15 minutes, you wake, you have a milkshake in a small amount, or a couple of eggs rocky style or some milk a little cream and honey in it and go right back to sleep. When people sleep through that five-hour period, the red blood cells start to become cannibalistic. They eat each other, highly toxic. That's why people wake up after 8 to 10 hours, they go for the coffee because they can't move cause the blood is so acidic and toxic.  

So, you wake up after five hours, eat something and go back to sleep. Right. Then you wake up with all kinds of energy, let me give you an example.  

I go to Nevada city once a year to do my workshop person. One of the people who put it on there, John Fo. Been going there three years at that point, it happened two years ago. 

When I first saw him, he was like this *imitation*, he was only 42 years ago. Old man, chronic fatigue, slouching weak, mainly a vegetarian at that point for a long time.  

And put him on the diet, three years later, strong, healthy, robust, fine. But he says "10, 11 o'clock before I feel any energy. So sluggish in the morning". I said, "Are you waiting after five hours and eating something"? "No". I say it every time I go to those lectures. 

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