Blue Green Algae


blue green algae





Well, first of all. Algae is only edible digestible as long as it's still in the water and acted in the water. Once it's dried, you will absorb less than probably 20% of it and not well. Cause again, it's a vegetable that's dehydrated.

If you take the algae, filter it and then drink it right out of the water, it'll be active and good for you. Still, you're not going to digest a lot of it because you're not a fish. Takes a fish system to break down that particular type of cellulose.


There's no cellulose in blue green algae.


Oh yes there is.

If you do an experiment. Take your spirulina.

Measure, how much you take and then check your feces for 48 hours and measure how much passes through you without digestion. When I did it, 98% passed through.

The best for one particular animal was 20% absorption, and that's all. So again, to me, it's another hype food thing.

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