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Well, the body's always trying to balance itself. Now there's a belief out there in the alternative community that we want anywhere from 6.7 - 7.2 blood acid to alkalinity ratio. However, in native tribes, it's anywhere from 5.2 - 5.8.

Mine has been 5.5 for however long I can remember and my blood, my urine, my saliva all around 5.5. If your alkaline, you're in trouble. The whole system works on an acidic basis. Most of our digestive juices, 90% - 95% of our digestive uses are acid.

Hydrochloric acid is 100% acidic, there's no alkalinity to it. It's about a 4.9 - 5.2. So, if it is highly alkanalized that means it's not going to work well to break down acidic tissue quickly, like meats, cheeses, any kind of meat, whether no matter if it's fish, foul, or four-legged animals, red meat. They will not break down and dissolve properly.

And you only have 10% - 20% of your digestive acids are are part of digestion. 80% - 90% is supposed to be bacterial. So, your digestive acids are to break the larger particles of food into smaller particles so the bacteria can infiltrate it and eat it. Their waste is our food. So, we're really piss and shit eaters, technically that's what we are. So, that's 80% - 90% of digestion.

If it goes into alkalinityy like a cow or a horse or any herbivore, you are going to be a vegetarian and you're not going to live healthfully and well. So, that is a whole fallacy that a lot of the so-called early alternative thinkers in nutrition, they came up with a stupid idea, Walker and Fry, and all of them came up with that ridiculous tale. No evidence, no scientific evidence to prove it. They didn't test the saliva and the amount of bacteria that's necessary in the saliva to have proper digestion.

In healthy human beings, they have more bacteria in the mouth than dogs and cats do. So, we are supposed to be thriving with bacteria. Digestion starts in the mouth.

I don't have hydrochloric in the mouth cuz they severed my vagus nerve and that's what caused me a lot of tooth problems once I regenerated from the radiation therapy. But most people do not have a high hydrochloric acid content in their mouth. It's other acids. And you only have one small amount of ptyalin enzyme, which is the only alkalinizing enzyme in your mouth, and only the horse has that, and the horse uses a profuse amount of it. We seemed to develop it after being a grain eater for thousands of years because none of the tribes that have stuck with the native diet have traces of ptyalin in their mouths.

So, basically we should be an acidic body from top to bottom. There should be in this 6.7 - 7 alkaline acidic ratio.


So, it's not true then that cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment?.


That's all bullshit. I've seen thousands of people with that. I mean literally thousands at these clinics that feed 'em only vegetable juice and I watched them drop off dead, left and right dead even though they had that alkalinity.

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