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You know what that'll do? That could thin your brain tissue, could thin your veins, and then all of a sudden you have a bleed; you have an aneurysm and that's it. 

Remember all the people with high blood pressure. They say, “Well, high blood pressure causes aneurysms. Cause heart attacks.” Right? So, they have all this medication for all these years to lower blood pressure.  

Well, in December, the test from the UK came out from 45,000 people who were tested. Half of them had high blood pressure was given medication, the other half were not given medication. ll of the heart attacks occurred in the people who were taking medication, but they didn't say it that way. What they did was the people who had 110 to 120 diastolic pressure had all the heart attacks. 

Those that had a solid rate of one 160 to one 170 had no heart attacks. 

High blood pressure keeps you from having heart attacks. That's why you have high blood pressure because you have some kind of congestion in your arteries and veins, so you need to expand them, so your blood flows properly. If you take blood thinners, you thin the walls, then they tear and you've got aneurism. 

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