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Okay, I'm going to begin. I've got a little bit of a crowd here, so I'm not going to tell any story, unless something interests me that somebody asks. Okay. So, we're gonna go around, start with you.  


I just recently had an incident where, as it turned out, there was a blocked artery and there wasn't any nutrients getting into my small intestine and I was getting very ill. A friend of mine just fixed it yesterday, and we discovered what the problem was, which was this blocked artery and could have ended up in surgery, but didn’t. 

But what I had for two weeks was a lot of diarrhea and when I went back on your diet, it was just horrible. I couldn’t eat just the eggs or anything like that.  

So, what I want to know now in particular, first of all, something like that, I don't know what would've happened in terms of if the diet could have done anything to help that. I don't how it happened.  

Two things. 

One is if I should get diarrhea seriously like that, and how do I wean myself back on the diet? Cause I know you can't really just couldn’t do that with milk and cheese and cream and stuff. I was eating a lot of cheese and I was doing the things and bananas and all of that, but like I said, it would temporarily stop. 

The thing that really stopped it believe it or not was I should confess was cream of rye and rye toast with butter. I did put butter on it.  

So, my question really has to do with how to get back after you have an incident like that where you have to go off the program and how do you yourself back on specifically and generally, whenever something happens, when you go off, and you have to get yourself back? 

Usually, I’m the cold Turkey person. I just go right back. Hello?  


Okay. First of all, she said that she thought she had a blocked artery to her small intestines and was having diarrhea, and that was the cause of diarrhea. Never could happen. If you had a blocked artery, you wouldn't have diarrhea, you'd have constipation, but you didn't have a blocked artery. Anytime you have diarrhea, it's heavy poisons leading the body.  

Now, 90% of our diseases today are from pollution, from industrial waste. Whether it's put in our food as a preservative, as flavoring, no matter what it is, those always have heavy metals combined with them. 

Heavy metals, always involved. Other chemicals always are involved with some kind of heavy metal, those collect in the body and they create diseases. Cancer is the biggest. Dr. Samuel Epstein who's an octogenarian, he's in his eighties, the world’s greatest expert on cancer says that one out of every two men gets cancer today, and one out of every three women. 

The medical profession is always blaming microbes. Microbes are never the problem. They're just the janitors. For example, dental decay. Whenever you get dental decay, the heavy metals are leaving the brain and going out the gums, heavy metals like mercury and lead will etch into dentine, cause abscesses and holes in the dentine.  

Bacteria results to clean out the dead cells, the dead dentine. If it goes deeper and deeper and the metal keeps holding onto the tooth into the dentine by the vehicle plaque. It can cause even more damage, unless there's a good quality of plaque. Now, what the plaque is, is the body takes a lot of calcium potassium and other minerals to bind with those heavy metals that are leaving the brain to keep them from doing heavy damage. 

That's why you have plaque on your tongue. That's why you have plaque on your teeth. The greatest concentration of heavy metals comes from the brain because the brain uses a lot of metallic minerals because it conducts electricity and relays electricity and light through metallic minerals. When you cook food, you cauterize the minerals, you make all of those heavy metals free radicals, so they can do a lot of damage. 

Free radicals and cauterization means it disassociates. Let's say all of us were holding hands and we all had a chore to do as long as we held hands everything would be done properly. When you cook, you fractionate everything, so everybody's bonds separate.  

So, that means that a certain toxin can be isolated and they have a tendency to group together. So, you have mercury clumped together, you have lead clumped together and then you have a dangerous substance and if it kills enough cells around, you have cancer.  

Cancer is nothing other than the body’s the inability to dissolve dead cells, and remove them from the system. So, they collect and they collect as tumors, or your body takes them to a particular area to dissolve those dead cells. 

And the difference between a squamous tumor cell and a basal cell is basal cell is one that dissolves and doesn't necessarily collect as tumors. Your squamous cells form tumors, and it's nothing but a collection of dead cells.  

Now, the cancer cell is a very healthy, good cell. It can sustain itself with very little nutrients and it can live isolated among 50 to 100 dead cells. 

So, it's like a hermit, like a monk. Once that cancer cell dies, it sets out a virus, a serum, which is a solvent, which dissolves all the surrounding dead cells. Since your body can eliminate it, you get rid of tumors like that.  

When you have benign tumors, you don't have any cancer cells in it, so you can never get rid of the tumor quickly, and there's no circulation. There's no blood vessels into a benign tumor. So, the dead cells, the mummified cells in a benign tumor, the blood has to work on eating it a little at a time from the outside in. When you have the cancer cells spread all throughout the tumor, if the cancer cells. 

They start dissolving the whole tumor and you can get rid of the tumor in two to five days. May take up to four or five years, depending on the size of the tumor and how quickly your body can get rid of the discarded waste from those dissolved cells.  

Because remember those dissolved cells, those dead cells were killed by a chemical, usually some kind of collection of heavy metals. You can go on the internet; you can look under the particular toxins like cadmium; often creates kidney cancer. Thalium usually creates breast cancer.  

So, you can look at these different cancers and if you know somebody who has cancer and you take a biopsy of it, but you don't have it analyzed the way the medical profession wants it analyzed, you have it analyzed for toxicity, and you'll find out what caused that 

if you have someone who has cancer and they're vomiting, or has diarrhea, you could have that analyzed. To give you an example, I had a woman who had breast cancer and she gained almost enough weight, but she went into a vomiting phase that lasted two and a half months, and it killed her because she just didn't have the weight, she couldn't eat when you’re vomiting in that sort. 

So, I just had one four-ounce vomit analyzed and the laboratory called me and said, “Somebody's poisoning your patient.” And I said, "What do you mean?” He said, “Well, she has 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium in that four ounces of vomit.”  

And that made me realize how much thallium she must have had her body because she was vomiting about five times a day, sometimes even more for two and a half months.  

She was a jewelry maker. Never wore gloves, never wore a mask, right over the burner. Breathing in all that stuff, absorbing it into her hands. Only seven years she did that and it killed her. She had gained a little bit more weight because we got right to the point where the cancer stopped dissolving, but she just passed away one night at the end of that. 

So, she made it all the way through to where she stopped producing tumors and at the end of dissolving them and getting rid of them. But she just couldn't eat, she was so sore in her stomach. She couldn’t eat from the vomiting.  

So, all cancer is created by heavy metals and toxins. Every disease is created by toxins, not bacteria, not virus, not parasites. That's the medical profession's blame. The medical profession is responsible for 70% of all the toxicity that we have and all the diseases that we have, they're responsible for 70% of that 90%. 

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