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You got the cucumber. Are you suggesting that instead of putting that through the juicer, we blend the cucumber?


You blend it, yeah. What you do is take your cucumber, you peel it. I don't care if it's organic, if you've grown it, don't peel it.

But a lot of people say, but all the nutrients are in the peel. Yeah. If you're a cow or a goat or a sheep, you'll be able to digest it. Otherwise you won't, and you can juice the pulp all day and you're not gonna get much of anything out of that skin.

The FDA allows them to call organic cucumbers, that have been waxed with a bees wax that has 15% paraffin in it, and that's motor oil, and it's kerosene based. So it's not a good healthy substance.

So, always peel your cucumbers unless you've grown them yourself. And then what you do is you juice your other juice and then you peel and slice your cucumbers, put 'em in a jar with some of your vegetable juice, so there's not much air space in there and blend it, and there you have your vegetable juice with the collagen precursor in cucumber pulp.

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