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Tomatoes is not a high carbohydrate fruit, it's a bland fruit, highly acid. Cucumbers are a little too high in the alkalinizing minerals, but it's not high in high carbohydrates, so it's still okay. You just don't want to eat too much with meat. 

The tomatoes are higher in acids. You can eat much as you like with the meat.  


No more than 3 cucumber slices? 


Yeah, about 3 slices. I said two tablespoons in the recipes book. I said two tablespoons of anything high alkalinizing. That goes for parsley, cucumbers, zucchini, whatever it is that's highly alkaline. 

You want to keep it to two tablespoons per cup of meat. 

A cup of meat is only a third of a cup, eggs are acid. You can have as many eggs as you want with meat. 

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