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I had surgery 10 days ago. 


Not you!  


Yes, I had surgery. About two years ago, I started having blood in my urine and then I got to the point where two weeks ago I had to lift my leg like a dog to urinate because I had a stone in my bladder. So, I went to a urologist and he did the sonogram, says the biggest stone he'd ever seen, 4.2 millimeters by 2.7 millimeters. 

Biggest stone he'd ever seen. He said it would take about 30 minutes to blast it apart. There wasn't actually any cutting. He put a tube up my urethra and the camera up there and he showed the canal.  

Now, ever since I was a child, my mother was very upset with me because I used to take a long time to urinate. Take me 3 to 5 minutes to urinate, so she'd slap me on the back of the head, "Hurry up". She didn't realize that I had a deformed urethra. It was very thin and very small where it went through the prostate.  

So, all these years, I've not been emptying my bladder completely. She always got me into the habit of as soon as the flow stopped, and the sensation of having to urinate stopped. I would stop my flow, but that causes crystals to form and stones to form.  

So, when he went to blast this, I went into surgery on Tuesday, a week ago, so that was like 12 days ago. He said it would take probably 30 minutes to blast it apart. Took him two hours. He said that stone had been forming for 45 years minimum.  

So, it's that long to affect me, but he said he had never seen it. He's blasted- anybody know James Stewart. He had 10 of those from being a vegetarian, eating all that soy. He had 10 of them. He went to the same urologist. Urologist blasted his in an hour and a half, 10 of them.  

My one took two hours to blast out of the system. He said the core was completely black and an analysis showed it was mainly thimerosal from vaccines. So, when I was a child and got the vaccinations, that mercury had gone to my urethra and because I wasn't emptying completely, it was collecting in there, and that was the core of it. Mercury solid core center.  

So, while he was there, I said, wouldn't be a bad idea if you cut the urethra, opened it up into a V shape and let me heal around it, so I could pee like normal. Because when I urinate and there's a couple people that watch me pee to the side over here, when I do the hot tub, there's just a little child stream and it's always been. 

Now I pee like a race horse 

So, there are situations where this diet cannot help you and you will have to have medical. 





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