Black Plague From Coal Burning, Mercury

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Yeah, it runs the treatments that is that.  


It's from the high toxicity in the person and then when they take a drug or medication it weakens their body.  

And they usually go in anaphylaxis, which is a shock.  

And they die.  

But of course the medical professionals isn't going to take blame for that.  

Because then you'd sue them.  

And they'd be blamed for everything that they do cause.  

Try to do that with.  


So, if the person has rabies, that they just suffered the symptoms and never got an injection they could survive.  



But in the old days when they use to treat because you know you have foaming of the mouth because usually that particular bacteria is is familiar to the nervous system is like syphilis, so it can dissolve brain tissue quickly.  

And if you've been a person who grew up, let's say.  

A lot of people who got, you know lung disease, black lung disease were the people who lived in London around the smoking factories. 

So, they got the black plague because they were around this heavy rlead and metal fog everyday breathing it, so lungs were heavily damaged. So, it wasn't the bacteria that was associated with the detoxification. There was the actual poison metals that were dissolving their lung tissue.  

Of course, technology in those days you know you got silver, chalices and stuff like that.  

It's supposed to be gorgeous and beautiful, full of mercury.  

Got the smelting factories around and everybody thinks it's advanced society, you know, so you don't want to give it up.  

You're not going to admit what it does.  


And the thing about historical stories that.... 


Yeah, it didn't have anything to do with it. 

Smoking factors and also when they were burning the cats, they were putting a lot of toxins in the air.  

They were burning everything.  

Jerusalem had it right. You know in Jerusalem during Christ time; the garbage collectors were the pigs.  

They were sacred.  

You could not eat them.  

You could not kill them; they'd run around the streets and- 





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