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Is everybody worried about the Avion flu? Should I think about it at all?


They're talking about people should be worried about what might happen. They're worried that it might mutate. A hundred people have died out of 200 people in the whole world that have contracted it.


Out of 6 billion people *laughs*. It's just like the swine flu, if people remember in the 70s. Rockefeller was our vice president, the owner of five pharmaceutical houses, and we paid his company $7 billion to make the swine flu.

Consumer advocate and Doctor McBean an MD from San Diego filed suit for Ford, Rockefeller and the federal government for buying and issuing those vaccines, and it got tht news reporters at the polling places, cause they were giving it to people "free" with our tax dollars, $7 billion worth. 2300 people died in the first week, within three days of getting the vaccine, so it got shut down and it's still in the vault.

So, guess what's getting relabeled, the swine flu vaccine and they resold it again. $8 billion we paid for it this time.


And of course it's because of the mercury.


Oh yeah. Mercury, and aluminum? Don't they, is it coming from this?


What is it called?


Tamiflu is what it's called.

[Attendee #2]

Roseville owns that.


Yes, absolutely. Well, you know, it's part of it.

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I'm surprised they didn't turn it into a chemtrail.


The birds are getting sick from those sprays too.


All birds have a flu if they're raised in toxic environments. Pigeons have a lot of flu because they grew up in cities eating cooked bread and stuff like that. So, they don't utilize bacteria, just like we do. We don't utilize bacteria as well. The contaminants in the food, the pesticides, the herbicides that are in food damage the bacteria in our bodies so that we can't cleanse ourselves in the normal process.

So what happens? We have to resort to flus, uh, which are viruses. Viruses are solvents, their soaps that clean the body. So, they don't reduce contamination, they spread contamination. So, unless you have a very good diet, any kind of a viral detoxification is going to be difficult.

So, don't worry about Avion flu. It's just another hoax to get us to spend 8 billion, so they can stuff it in their pockets, which they did.


But if they spray from the chemtrails, let's say an example, the birds are flying up, they inhale that spray.


Anything that causes pollution is going to make birds and everybody else sick.

So, that's part of the damage that causes the bacteria and parasites to be destroyed, so we don't have the natural processes of cleansing.

So, in the last three weeks, I decided to do a heavy cleanse. Sulfur is a nutrient when it's high in a food to get some of the heavy metals out of the body. If you understand cancer, they say that when you're in the throes of cancer beyond the 3rd stage or 4th stage, you'll start demineralizing your own tissue, and your own bones. You'll start getting osteoporosis because your body needs so much calcium and the other minerals in a good balance to bind with those poisons.

So, since I had chemotherapy and radiation, and I still get experiences of detoxing about every 18 months to about 30 months, 34 months, I'd have a detox. So, I thought, well, I've got a whole month in town, so I decided to do it.

So, I put a half of cup of honey and two quarts of milk, and I'd been drinking that a day. Within a week of beginning that, I started getting all of these hives and started crusting and turning black and look at it under a microscope, I can see the different compounds that they use.

They used mercurochrome during my stomach surgery, so that was coming out. I've got a black spot right here that burned, I had a hole right in it right there, and I do the scrapings and then look at it under a microscope. So, I've got it coming out everywhere I got injections, on the butt, the arms and anywhere they coated me with the mercury on the stomach during surgery.

But there were a lot of them. This is just one of them, and they will just pop out within a few hours. If you understand what happens with mercury, if you go to the website of Calgary University, they did a DVD and they showed neurons growing and all dispersing and growing, it's a time lapse photography. And then you drop a 2% solution of thimerosal into that, and then you see that the neurons disintegrate and that's what happens when it comes out through the skin or internally it can cause internal bleeding, it can cause many problems.

Every vaccine contains 76,000 trillion molecules of mercury. 96% of all vaccines have thimerosal, which is mercury. So, you can imagine how much of that is in your body if you've had a lot of vaccines, even tetanus shots, antibiotics like penicillin, all have mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, and that's just some of the base chemicals in them.

The reason for that is, people say, well, why did they do that? They put on it as a purification system, and antibacterial. Like you put methylated mercurochrome on yourself, methylated mercurochrome is a liquid mercury.

Iodine is another one that will destroy things, it's very caustic and burns. So, they use it because it shocks the body into trauma. Every animal that Pasteur injected died. He didn't ever have one in his laboratory survive a vaccine, not one survived a vaccine. But there was so much potential for money in it, they decided to throw formaldehyde in there and see if it would stop the anaphylactic shock because when the body registered a sterilized or live bacterial disease in thein the quantity that's injected, it causes the body to think it's going to die. So, people die of anaphylactic shock, animals die from vaccines. They found that if they put in either strychnine or formaldehyde, any other chemical, they would keep the person alive or the animal alive, it didn't go into anaphylactic shock.

So, it is all just to sell drugs, and there can never be any evidence that a person would've gotten a disease. However, we do have the critical evidence that the vaccines cause the very diseases and more diseases. If you look in appendix D in my book We Want To Live, you'll see that the rate of polio went up to 400 and some percent after forced vaccination, and that's pretty critical, but there are three states that kept record of it in one city in Los Angeles, and they were told to stop keeping record, they were ordered to stop keeping record because they didn't want that information out.

So, vaccines are very, very deadly, toxic substances that will give you no benefit.


Why did they do it?




That's all?


That's all it is.


Just ask for donations.



It's also a way to annihilate welfare people.

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Annihilate means what?


Annihilate means kill.

They gave it to the world health organization and the country of Britain, United Kingdom and the United States paid for and gave 75 million vaccines of smallpox to Africans.

Guess what happened to those 75 million people? 80% of them came down with aids, so it was a way for genocide in Africana. It's another type of war where they can take the resources of a country and rob them and they don't have to use all those big military things.

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