Bird Flu Can't be Transferred To Humans

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I'm only going to Hong Kong and Bali, will I be okay with raw poetry there?


You know what I did when I was in Vietnam? I went to three of those bird farmers, the chicken farmers. Getting a lab test here would cost me $8,000 to do what I wanted to do, there it cost me $230. They have the same lab. So, I had it done on eight of the birds of each block. Not one of them had any indication of bird flu.

They're trying to wipe out the little farmer, so the big agrobusiness companies can take over. They're setting you up to be afraid of this bird flu that's going to humans. There's no way you can cross a virus into a human from another species.


Why are they saying people are dying here right now?


People die every year of flu because they're sick people.


No, they're saying it's the bird flu, this little kid in Thailand just died because.


That's a hoax again, they're pulling out one person and saying, "This person died with the bird flu". Same thing with the mad cow and the mad sheep.

So, all they're do is picking out a few people and you look how many times people die a year during the flu, if something like over the planet of several million people, and they're just picking out one person and they'll pick out a child and this child died because of the swine flu, how many children die from vaccines?

They don't tell you that. Who knows what that child really died of.





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