I'm going to ask one question, I've read that raw eggs will deplete the biotin in your system. That's one of the B-vitamins.


In my book, there's a misprint. There was a spellcheck that went through and changed avidin to albumin. So, it's the avidin that binds with the biotin and that only happens in a chemistry lab. It doesn't happen in the body.


So, you're saying raw eggs don't?


No, they do not.


So, what you're saying the people who are saying that are saying it because of the laboratory-


It happens in the laboratory, but it doesn't happen in the human body. You use a lot of biotin in the process of changing over biocarbon's in the body.

So, when you get raw eggs, you're going to use that biotin- you're going to find avidin present within that complex, but it's not a deprivation, it's a utilization to transfer biocarbon's. And I mentioned that in the book, just remember when you get to that part that talks about albumin, it's supposed to be avidin.

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