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If you're asking me, I say, no, you don't want to get rid of it. I kept mine for 23 years.  


Flat now. 


Now, yes. But for 23 years I kept it, it's like a baby. A baby's not gonna grow and get healthy fast unless it has that gut. You notice that all babies who have no gut, their bones grow thin and feeble. 

You want a baby to be fat, you have to be fat cause you're on a new diet. You're growing yourself anew, you have to consider yourself a baby. So, you need all those extra nutrients to be able to distribute them. If you run into a detox, what's gonna happen if you don't have the excess nutrients? 

You're gonna fall and crash hard.  


This is the only place the fat is, right here.  


That's good. But it goes from there to the rest of your body if you just keep eating. And I say that in my books. Get fat.  


Thank you very much, Aajonus *laughs*


You know I'm still fat 18. Last night I was 18.7% body fat. Athletes who are my size are like 9% - 12% body fat. But when the fat molecules are very tiny, like when they're raw, they don't take up much space. But when you cook a fat, it swells anywhere from 5 - 50 times its normal size. 

So, you have all this bloating from all this old fat, and I've been on this diet eating all raw foods and no cooked fats since 1972, February of 1972. So, I don't have any of those toxic fats in my body anymore. All of the molecules of fat are small so I can stay and still be fat. But I wish I had had more fat on me when this happened cuz I would've gotten to this quicker and easier cuz my body got poisoned. 


Did you lose muscle mass too? You look like you lost muscle mass.  


I lost everywhere. I lost muscle and fat. So, I'm down to like a 29-inch waist, which I haven't has since I was 16. 





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