Bicycling and Prostate Cancer


prostate cancer







Anytime you would exercise and get circulation into an area, as long as you have good nutrients in your in your blood and, and intestines, it's going to aid any disease.


Is there any truth to that, she said about prostate cancer and riding bicycles?


You mean that it would harm?

If you've got a seat that puts pressure on that and blocks circulation to that, yes.

Yeah, but if you can get those seats that will rest on those two bones and you're not pressing up in the prostate area right here, then it's fine. Cause when you've got that, horn coming through there, I had to cut my off and I lived off of a bicycle for nine years. I would refuse to get into a car.

A horn. You've got the seat that goes like this, okay? You've got this penis thing, this horn, I cut it off. So, I didn't have it riding up my crotch all that time. Well, now they developed seats just have those two things.

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